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Welcome to Thinking, Creativity, Fun, and Dire Copyright Warnings
Welcome to the Flying Turtle Web Site.
This web site is completely the work, vision, and responsibility of the The Flying Turtle Company.

This site is intended to be useful to educators and students of all ages, official and unofficial. We ask that you follow normal professional etiquette and obey the copyright laws. Everything on the Flying Turtle Web Site is owned and copyrighted by The Flying Turtle Company, unless we state otherwise.

Our Terms of Use are described below.

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What We Own and Terms of Use
What We Own
There are two types of content on our site.
(1) Stuff that we created and (2) stuff that we bought or got permission to use from someone else. To use our stuff you have to ask permission except as noted below. To use the other stuff you have to ask the people we got it from. We cannot grant permission for the use of of non-Flying Turtle material.

(1) Stuff that we created
All of the text (unless otherwise stated), the html code, much of the artwork, drawings, photographs, and other graphics such as background art (all of the backgrounds were created by and belong to us) and horizontal rules, are among the types of things that were created and copyrighted by the Flying Turtle Company.

Even material submitted voluntarily by readers. By submitting a question, comment, photograph, drawing, or anything else, you expressly grant the right to the The Flying Turtle Company to use it or sell it as part of our Web Site.
(We will always give complete and proper credit to any submittals that we use in our site.)
All of the above and anything else created and copyrighted by the Flying Turtle Site belongs to us and cannot be used without written permission from the Flying Turtle Company (except as noted below).

But we do want to share this stuff!   Well, some of it.
We are eager and willing for teachers and educators to use our pages for education purposes. We just ask that proper credit be given and fair usage laws followed.  Also, it cannot be used for resale or profit without our permission.  If you make money with it, you should share a little with us.

(2) Stuff that we got from someone else
There is some clip art and photographs on our site that we purchased or obtained from valid royalty free sources. The majority comes from, but there are a few others. We cannot grant permission to anyone else to use this material.

How can you know what is ours and what is theirs? You have to ask. Please ask. We want to share when we can. We almost always say yes, just requesting suitable credit be given. We aren't selfish.

Down below we have some specific "Terms of Use", but first here are some commonly asked questions and answers about Copyright and Web pages:

Can I Use Your Images, Drawings, or Text on my web site?
The short answer is no. But...
You can link to our web site, and if you ask and explain the use (and it is a good use - absolutely no pornography or hate sites), and provide clear and accurate credit to Flying Turtle as the source, we may very well, possibly, maybe (no promises), give limited permission for cases like that described below.
Contact us at with your specific and clearly described usage questions.

I'm Doing a Project for School. May I use your images or excerpts from your articles in my report or poster or flyer or...?
The answer is usually yes, if you do the following:
1.  Give credit where credit is due. This is something that you must always do in any case when writing a report. For example, if you use one of our drawings you should include a credit by the picture that says something like the following:
   Image provided by the Flying Turtle Company
You should also include our URL ( ) so that everyone can visit our site. This will be good for the human race.

And it would be nice (but not strictly required) if you went on and on about what a great web site it is and how it has changed your whole life and made you popular with the opposite sex and made you rich and happy, etc.

2.  Ask Permission. E-mail us and ask and explain the non-commercial use. You may also use "short" quotes, or excerpts (emphasis on short) from the Flying Turtle articles, providing you again give proper and complete credit with address, etc., and ask permission. And again, waxing poetically and generously about the brilliance of the Flying Turtle web site can only help your cause.

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Terms of Use
1.  All of the written, graphical, and HTML code of The Flying Turtle Web Site belongs to The Flying Turtle Company and may not be used without written permission from The Flying Turtle Company. Usage that requires permission includes, but is not limited to, copying large excerpts or pictures for a school report, any commercial use, or usage of any kind in another web site.

2.  Users may save or print one copy of portions of this web site for personal non-commercial use without obtaining written permission. Such copies must remain intact and be marked with a notice that reads - "Copyright 2000-2000 The Flying Turtle Company. All rights reserved." Copies may be made by teachers and educators for educational use within the teacher's classroom or learning environments. More than one copy may be made for educational use within a classroom or similar group educational activity. Any other distribution, or copying, or larger scale usage, or any sort of usage of any kind, requires our prior written permission.

3.   Small excerpts of text may be used if such usage follows the "Fair Use" provision of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976. Proper credit to the Flying Turtle web site must be provided in all cases. If excerpts to this site are quoted in another web site, a link to The Flying Turtle site must be provided. No other modification of distribution of the Flying Turtle contents is allowed.

4.  No modification, usage, or distribution, of graphical contents, including drawings, photographs, animations, videos, icons, background graphics and designs, may be done without written permission from The Flying Turtle.

5.  The Flying Turtle's HTML code may not be modified or used or distributed in any way without written permission from The Flying Turtle.

By submitting a question, comment, photograph, drawing, or anything else, you expressly grant the right to The Flying Turtle to use it or sell it as part of our Web Site.
See Privacy Statement below.

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Privacy Statement

We will not give out any information of any kind about our contributors or customers to another business or web site or sneaky foreign spies, or anybody outside of the Flying Turtle Company.  This means that if we receive your address or phone number or other personal information in the course of business we will only use it to conduct business with you. We will not sell or give away lists of our customers or contributors to anybody for any reason.

However (seems like there is always a however), we might give your name and age and hometown to the whole World Wide Web if you send in a question to one of our brilliant and wise question-answerers ( Dr. Galapagos or Turtle Boy )or submit a drawing or anything else that we decide to use. Of course, we will only post information about you if you give us permission to do so - and then it will just be first name, age, and hometown at the very most. If you're at that age (as some of us writing this might be) where you may not want people to know your age, then don't tell us your age. We will never ever post an e-mail address, or URL, or home address. (We also recommend that you never leave your e-mail address on public buletin boards, etc. - you will get unwanted spam and e-mail viruses - trust us we've been there)

Our Affiliates, Sponsors, Advertisers, and Partners
We try very hard to deal only with professional responsible ethical organizations and companies that have the same complete privacy policies as we have. However, we are not responsible for their policies, nor do we have any influence or control over their activies. Before conducting business with any organization or company you should make sure that they have a privacy policy that agrees with your requirements.

By submitting a question, comment, photograph, drawing, or anything else, you expressly grant the right to The Flying Turtle to use it or sell it as part of our Web Site.

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©Copyright 2009, The Flying Turtle Company. All rights reserved. Everything in the Flying Turtle web site is copyrighted. For information concerning use of this material, click on Copyright to go to our legal page.

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