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Do you have a question about anything? Need some sensible advice?  
Dr. Galapagos, may be a know-it-all, but it turns out that Turtle Boy is the most sensible of all thinking imaginative creatures on earth. This has been verified by aliens from another galaxy that came to our planet (Earth) and did a study. Best on the Web for Teachers
(See the Who We Are section).

"I was as surprised as anyone," said Turtle Boy when asked about the aliens' discovery. "I just hope I can do something sensible with this information."

See? What a sensible answer!   And he's nearly well known!
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FINE PRINT: Turtle Boy is certified by intelligent and wise aliens from another planet far away, to be the most sensible creature (among humans and cartoon creatures) on planet earth. However, since the aliens insisted on anonymity, we do not have any actual documentation to verify this, so you will have to take our word for it.
PS Yes they are cartoon aliens (the only kind there is on earth — in our opinion). But this is no way lessens their findings. END OF FINE PRINT
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Sensible Questions and Sensible Answers

Question Number 1:
Dear Turtle Boy,
Dr. Galapagos and his pedal powered ultra light You guys at the "Flying Turtle Club" make such a big deal about thinking clearly and being accurate and thorough and all that -- yada yada yada! Well somebody should point out to you "don't-know-it-all's" that those clever machines that
Dr. Barnabus Galapagos invents would never fly. To start with, their structure is obviously too weak. And there's no way a heavy slow tortoise like Dr. Galapagos could ever generate the power-to-weight ratio required to fly that silly peddle powered ultra-light. Come on guys! Aren't you making yourselves look like ignorant hypocrites?
"Just-wanting-some-consistency" in Connecticut

Answer to Question Number 1:
Dear "Consistency",
I don't know quite how to tell you this, so I'll just be blunt.
Dr. Barnabus Galapagos is a cartoon.
So also am I a cartoon, and so also are all the other funny little creatures and drawings on this web site.
Apparently you have not realized this, or possibly, have never seen a cartoon.

Physics in Cartoon Land
    If you had seen a cartoon, you would have quickly realized that the laws of physics are very different in cartoon land than in human land. Some of the best examples of cartoon physics can be observed and studied in the old Warner Brothers cartoons like "Roadrunner and Coyote" and my favorites "Bugs Bunny" and "Daffy Duck". These cartoons are far bigger breakers of normal physics laws than we at the Flying Turtle.
     For example, cartoon creatures can stretch their whole body, or parts of their body, and snap back like a rubber band; or be squished like a pancake, sprout little feet while still squished flat, walk around a bit, then pop back to normal. Often they will metamorphose into a different shape and material, like a round rubber bouncing ball, then change right back — usually with a satisfying popping sound.
    They can pause in mid air over a cliff for much longer periods of time than you humans can, and sometimes they can even run back (on air!) to safety before falling. Or if they do fall and they happen to have been holding an anvil which they happened to let go of first and which is falling below them as a result, they will often fall faster than the anvil (which Galileo in your world is famous for proving wouldn't happen), hit the ground before the anvil, making a hole shaped exactly like their body, then have the anvil land directly on top of them. If you're a cartoon duck, a point blank gun blast to the face will only affect your beak and it will be in a different way each time - spin around your face one time, fall off your face another, end up on the back of your head a third time, then turn upside down, etc.
     And don't forget those Flintstone cars powered by Fred's and Barney's fat little running feet. No one could really do that and go that fast and that far — could they?

    Various smart persons have tried to define, explain, and elucidate the Cartoon Laws of Physics. A very good example of this is the Cartoon Laws of Physics that can be found on literally hundreds of web sites. It is so popular that people keep posting it on their sites. So we will avoid that temptation and simply tell you to type Cartoon Laws of Physics into a good search engine and you will find dozens of sites that list these laws.

     Despite this tremendous effort on the part of curious humans to understand our laws, the fact is, while there may appear to be certain repeatable patterns in our cartoon laws of physics, it is only an illusion. We can do just about anything we want, as long as it can be imagined, drawn, and animated - or computer generated.

     So we don't feel too hypocritical for those fabulous flying machines of Dr. Galapagos. Besides, he can't be stopped. He just keeps inventing things. But we are grateful to you for asking this thoughtful question. There were probably other thoughtful people out there who haven't seen cartoons and wondered about this.

Send your questions and constructive comments to Turtle Boy

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2ND DISCLAIMER ABOUT ALIENS: "Ask Turtleboy" is a whimsical just- for-fun section of FT Exploring. Turtle Boy is a cartoon. The aliens we speak of are also cartoons (make believe). We do not in any way endorse a belief in cartoon or non-cartoon aliens zipping around making geometric patterns in wheat fields, cutting up cows, or kidnapping people with funny accents and conducting experiments on them. The cartoon aliens have assured Turtle Boy they would never do such silly things. If cartoon aliens wouldn't be so silly, it surely stands to reason that real aliens (if there is such a thing) would also not be so silly? I mean, come on! Fly billions and billions of miles through space just to sneak around in the dark and make goofy geometric patterns in wheat fields? Why not use paint on parking lots? Or dig little ditches in open fields with their laser blasters? And you think this web site is silly!
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