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      "If only he had used his genius for Niceness instead of Evil."
Maxwell Smart
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Compliments, helpful suggestions, questions about me or the site, offers of money and support, corrections, insightful commentary, and complaints (tactfully and sweetly worded), can be sent immediately, without reading the comments below,
to FT Exploring at

Yes, it's another new address. Read below.
Dr. Galapagos is back working full time as an engineer, so he is no longer able to answer your science questions.
But we still want to hear from you!
I get so much spam, I am sure I miss some legitimate mail. Try again!
I will be changing the e-mail address regularly, in an attempt to foil (well at least slow them down) viruses and spammers. Sorry but you will have to check back here occasionally to get the new email address. Thanks.

After only two weeks with the new address some nice folks in Africa have already offered to share hundreds of millions of dollars with me!!


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Yes it's another new address - darn those spammers.
I know everybody thinks this website is the product of a huge team of world class nobel scientists, brilliant writers, and skillful creative graphic artists, but it is just me, one person, lonely David Watson.
Now my son AM Watson is also contributing. See link below.

As much as I'd like to, I can't do your homework for you.
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David Watson
The Mystery is solved!
David Watson
and now also his son
AM Watson
are the guys that do this web site.

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