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  Photosynthesis and Energy of Life Pages at the FT Exploring Site - World Wide Web sites below this.
The Flow of Energy through Plants and Animals    An overview of the whole amazing system that starts with photosynthesis in the land and in the sea.

Introduction to the Big P Word    A fun clear and thorough introduction to photosynthesis.

Energy Pyramids and More Food Chains    Photosynthesis critters in the ocean and other ways to visualize energy travels through the web of life (which was busy busy busy long before the web of the internet).

Do All Plants Use Carbon Dioxide?    Another beatiful and thorough answer from Dr. Galapagos?

Introduction to Energy, the Mysterious Everything
   What is this stuff?
Sites for Teachers   Best on the Web for Teachers
  Photosynthesis Sites and Pages on the Web
The Photosynthesis Page   Professor Govindjee's site on photosynthesis. For older students mostly but has some links and other educational material for older kids.

ASU (Arizona State University) Photosynthesis Center   This is a very good site and very complete with lots of information and links. It may be more for advanced students or scientists than for elementary or high school (but there is a good links section with educational links for K-12; FT Exploring is one of them). If you are doing research on photosynthesis you should go here.

The Photosynthesis Page of the Online Biology Page  Very good complete overview of photosynthesis for older students.   The Online Biology Page that this page is a small part of is great with a lot of information.

Photosynthesis Directory   This is from MIT's Biology Hypertextbook.  Another good source of biology information. Also for older students - highschool and above.

An Introduction to Photosynthesis and Its Applications     Good article for older students by Wim Vermaas Professor, Department of Plant Biology, and Center for the Study of Early Events in Photosynthesis Arizona State University.

Aquatic Plants   Has a little bit on photosynthesis and phytoplankton - which we introduce to you in our page on Energy Pyramids.

Using the Sun's Energy    A nice teaching unit from Teaching Treasures (see Education Links) on Solar Energy in nature and technology (one of the themes of my website) with information and activities.

Illuminating Photosynthesis   A nice simplistic little graphic demo on photosynthesis basics from NOVA online.

The Photosynthetic Process   A lot of good information here. Also for older students.  I have learned a lot from Govindjee's writings. It is an honor to be linked to by him also.

Photosynthesis: A Natural Process Involving Solar Energy   A good explanation of the process with my kind of illustrations (which not everyone would consider a compliment).

Photosynthesis Tutorial from the Biology Project     It's a good tutorial from my old school, the University of Arizona.  An excellent way to study and learn.  The first link above goes right to the Photosynthesis Problem sets which are a small part of a wonderful site called
THE BIOLOGY PROJECT - an online interactive resource for learning biology developed at the University of Arizona.  A lot more than photosynthesis is covered there.

Photosynthesis - Energy and Life - from Fundamentals of Physical Geography    A brief overview page of photosynthesis and respiration as part of a much larger site on the Fundamentals of Physical Geography. The site is very good and has a really good glossary section so I included it even though the photosynthesis part is small.

Chemical Charousel: A Trip Around the Carbon Cycle   Photosynthesis is part of the Carbon cycle of life, so this counts as an important page for someone studying photosynthesis.

The Sustainability of Ecosystems   A tutorial made for 10th grade biology, but can be used for a much wider age span. Covers photosynthesis, energy cycles, and carbon and oxygen. A quote from the Web site's intro: "Your job is to determine the process of photosynthesis as it relates to the cycling of energy, carbon and oxygen through abiotic and biotic components." Uses a page from Flying Turtle Exploring as part of the tutorial, but it's still good.

Shedding Light on Photosynthesis   A couple of good images and a little text on a background that makes it a little hard to read.

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