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Dr Galapagos has been
hard at work.

I guess for right now, I (AM Watson) will use this page to give updates about the pages I am working on.

What's New

1. Solar Energy

I did a series of pages on insolation as the first part of a large series on solar energy but now I feel like I need to rethink that idea and am working on some other things (see below)

Anyway, "insolation" is a measure of how much solar radiation a place receives. In this first batch of pages we detail the various factors that influence how sunny it is outside your window and we also introduce some basic insolation concepts.

2. Biology

More recently I am working on a series of pages about basic biology concepts, starting with a page on the definition of life (what living things on our planet are made of and how they behave) and a couple of pages on cellular metabolism (how cells turn "raw materials" into energy and their own "bodies").

What's Coming?

In the immediate future, I plan on doing several more pages on biology, gradually moving them towards some pages on animals that I envision as being cool.

By What Power is this Being Done?

AM Watson is related to the author of the rest of the Flying Turtle pages (David Watson) and often converses him - sometimes even about this website.

AM's contact page is here: Applications Contact.

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If these pages have been helpful
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