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Welcome to FT Exploring
Photosynthesis, Energy, and Life

Follow the Energy Flows to discover how the same basic principles work in nature, living organisms, and human technology. 

Energy - the Mysterious Everything.
Start Exploring energy flows in nature:
Photosynthesis, Energy, and Life.
Explore the stuff that makes us all go:
Energy Exploration Start
Photosynthesis, Energy, and Life
 Exploring Energy
Energy Flows in Life Energy Changes Make Everything Happen
The Basics of Photosynthesis Types of Energy
Photosynthesis in a Leaf The Mysterious Everything
Food Chains and Energy Pyramids Heat Flows Through It
Plants that Use CO2 Don't Confuse Power with Energy
NEW Cellular Metabolism Intro by AM Watson Catapults & Fleas & Potential Energy
NEW ATP in Cellular Metabolism by AM Watson Will the Real Definition of Energy Please Stand
NEW NADPH in Cell Metabolism by AM Watson Energy from the Wind
NEW The Definition of Life by AM Watson Converting Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy 
We Owe It to the Engineers. For better or worse.
Ants and Fleas!  Fascinating, but NOT super!
Dr Galapagos - Know-it-all Tortoise
SOLAR ENERGY - NEW section by AM Watson
 The Much Requested Energy Laws
    Easy First Law of Thermodynamics
The 2nd Law of Thermo - Stop the Gobbledygook!
NEW: Wind Turbine Efficiency!
NEWEST: Wind Power Coefficient!
Dr. Galapagos Super bugs are not so super.
Find out how Energy Changes make Everything happen.
Discover what Fleas and Catapults have in common,
and why ants aren't so tough in
Super Bugs, Part 1 and Part 2
Dr. G's Whale Pages

The FT Exploring Zoo!

the mysterious everything What is this stuff that makes everything happen, and never Little energy guychanges, but is always changing?
It is important to all scientists and engineers. It affects everything they study and do.
Nothing can happen unless it changes.

It flows in bite sized chunks from plants to animal to animal to animal and on and on....

It flows in muscle-bound chunks through catapults and fleas.


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Fleas and Catapults.
Come on in and find out what they have in common.
Fleas and Catapults.
Almost the first Engineer on her planet

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Doofty Girl was not even close to becoming the first engineer on her planet, but she was the first to try.

Find out what happened, and what engineering is really about.

Turtle Boy in his airplane.
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