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All living cells must convert stored molecular energy from food into the energy needed by the cell for growth, reproduction, and to carry on cellular functions. The step by step process of converting glucose into energy inside a cell is called cellular respiration.

Internet Resources on Cellular Respiration
Cellular Respiration and Fermentation   Cellular Respiration Concept Maps    More maps for those that love them.     Best on the Web for Teachers
Cellular Respiration   Overview of glycolysis and aerobic respiration with a few diagrams.     Photosynthesis and Respiration    Respiration and lots of other stuff.    
Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration   An interactive animated exploration of cellular respiration.     Cellular Respiration    Very nice. Animations of respiration and other biology processes.     Sites for Teachers
Kimball's Biology Pages Cellular Respiration   Text.     CELLULAR METABOLISM AND FERMENTATION   Part of the On-Line Biology Book. A very good Biology Resource.    
Metabolism Problem Set   From the University of Arizona's Biology Project. A great bunch of tutorials from the best college in the world (the fact that I am a graduate of U of A has nothing to do with my assesment).     Concept/Process Flow Charts   If you find these helpful for teaching or learning, here's a bunch from Oklahoma State, another great school (I was born in Oklahoma - my Dad went to OK state).      
Cellular Respiration    Good stuff.     Cellular Respiration         
      The Respiration Process   From the UK.    
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