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Family Tree

The cheetah is in the cat family (felidae). It's closest relative is the puma.

Size and Life Expectancy

They weigh up to 140 lbs (65 kg). Their shoulder height is 2.5 feet (.75 meters) Females are smaller than males. Cheetahs live 10 to 20 years.

Range and Habitat

Cheetahs live in sub-Saharan Africa and southwest Asia on savannahs and grasslands.


They hunt gazelles and impalas and will also go after the young of larger mammals or even adults if there is a group of cheetahs hunting together as sometimes happens. Cheetahs hunt smaller animals too like hares and birds.


Humans. Cheetah cubs are often killed by lions.

Extra Fun Facts

Cheetahs can run up to 70 mph (110 km/hr)!! They run by bounding along, using their springy back and strong hind legs. They have large nostrils, lungs, hearts and livers that help them to move a lot of air and blood quickly. But what they don’t have is stamina. After several hundred yards (or meters) they need to rest to avoid overheating. Usually they chase their prey for less than a minute. Their long tails act as a rudder to help them steer if they need to make quick turns. They have very keen eyes and rely on their vision to hunt. They lose a lot of the animals they kill to bigger predators because they only weigh about 110-140 lbs (50-65 kg). Cheetahs hunt during the day. Males are territorial but will sometimes gang up with a couple other males to defend a territory. People used to keep pet cheetahs and train them for sport hunting. Cheetahs are classified as “vulnerable” and some scientist think they will never be able to really take off again because their genetic line has been damaged by inbreeding.


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