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Giraffe Pictures - Just Because
Why? Because we have them. And, on any given day in the whole world there must be zillions of kids doing reports on animals, and teachers looking to provide educational content. Here are a few very non-professional photos from my visit to the Milwaukee Zoo.
These pictures are the property of David Watson and the FT Exploring web site and the giraffes who posed so elegantly.
You can use them for Non-Profit small limited educational purposes (school reports, presentations, individual class room teaching, etc.) as long as you give clear recognition to this web site as the source. Thanks.
Please don't distribute on the internet
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Animal Posters
 Giraffe eating a tree.
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These pictures are the property of David Watson and FT Exploring web site, which provides free educational material to anyone anywhere in the world.


Walking behind the white giraffe. Oops. I cut off the feet.
    Long necked giraffe browsing.      
      Giraffes tongue.    
Three long-necked shots.
The tongue helps gather up the tasty leaves.
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