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The Amazing Wisdom of Turtle Boy

He's nearly well-known!

World's Most Sensible Answers

Question Number 2:

Dear Turtle Boy,
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      You cartoons are so lucky. You can do anything. You don't have to obey any laws. You can do what ever you want and never get hurt. It's like heaven. Oh, how I wish I could be a cartoon. How can I get to be a cartoon like you?  

Yearning to be a cartoon, in Yuma, Az
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Answer to Question Number 2:
Dear Yearning from Yuma,
Alas, how frequently I hear this lament from humans. But how wrong you are. Humans are the lucky ones.

The Joy of "Laws", Constraints, and Rules
Though humans don't often seem to realize their good fortune, they are blessed by the constraints and limitations of the real world. It is the rules and constraints, and the very real possibility of failure, that make life and its accomplishments interesting, challenging, and rewarding.
      To an engineer, it is the laws of physics, resources (people and money), and deadlines (time), that make up the rules and constraints of his creative game.
      To a poet, it is the defined structure of his poem (meter, rhyme, etc.) that force him to find new and unique ways to say things and provide a sense of beauty and pleasure to the readers of the poem.
      To an athlete, it is the laws of physics that her body must overcome, the rules of the game that provide structure and strategy, and the clock that defines the end of the game or the speed of the race. (This is why all but the stupidest humans seem to instinctively know that cheating in a competition lessens the accomplishment).
      It is like that in all the almost infinite creative or challenging endeavors that are available to humans — engineering, science, art, sports, business, teaching, learning, raising kids, raising yourself, you name it — you have the opportunity to struggle with it, learn from it, get better at it, succeed or fail at it, and make yourself proud of yourself for the effort.
      This is true every day with everything you do. We in the world of cartoons can't believe how wondrous and fortunate it would be to be human. Oddly enough, a lot of you don't seem to realize this very often. No other animal in your world has this kind of opportunity. It is your imagination and creativity that sets you apart from other creatures (except cartoon turtles, of course). A bee can only be a bee and doesn't even know it.

Sensible Advice
      The most sensible advice I can give you is to stop wishing you were a cartoon, turn off the television, and go be a human — you lucky dog.

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